What We Do


Our concrete grounding in the international home relocation business as well as our partnership with internationally acclaimed International Association of Movers (IAM) stands us in good stead. We are without a doubt ahead of many of our counterparts in the industry.

  • Your Relocations Consultant will be at your reach throughout the relocation process.
  • Your professional operations team will be responsible to pack all your personal items utilising a wide range of specialised packing material and crates to ensure a secure shipment.
  • Your Customer Service Representative will assist you with the documentation process and guide you with the online tracking system until your shipment reaches its destination.
  • Our overseas partners will ensure your shipment is cleared by Customs and delivered safely to your new home.
  • Our inbound operations team offers the same personalised service for inbound delivery. Your personal items are unpacked and placed based on your preference. Debris will be removed upon unpacking.
  • We at FELIX RELOCATIONS are obligated to ensure punctuality and reliability in delivering your goods

Local Household Move

  • FELIX RELOCATIONS move houses and professional people alike all over the country with no hassle and little cost involved. If you haven't got a van full we can still cater for you.
  • FELIX RELOCATIONS offer door to door services for moving Nationwide. You don't have much, but you value what you've got, right? Rest assured your goods will be transported by experienced professional drivers.
  • Storage facilities are available if required.
  • We will also at a time convenient to you, arrange for collection of all debris relating to your relocation.


  • FELIX RELOCATIONS is currently the most advanced office moving company expert in the region.
  • We have planned and executed moves for organizations like Air Asia, CIMB Bank, Ericsson, consisting of over 500 employees.
  • Our consultants and crew are professionally trained to handle all aspects of your office relocation. From assigning a team of movers to the removal of items from your office and from the delivery to the assembly of your items at your new office, we take pride in our work.
  • The key to a move lies in the development of an effective plan for your office relocation. It is the forte of a FELIX RELOCATIONS Consultant to do this for you in order to reduce time and costs spent.


At Felix Relocations, we take pride in our projects. As such, we offer our dedicated Project Managers who are responsible for the entire moving process and work closely with our clients to ensure that any problems are dealt with efficiently and the process is tailored for our client's convenience.

As well as maintaining close communications with our clients, our Project Managers are responsible for building relationships with vendors and other corporate departments to ensure a smooth running throughout the move, zero accidents and minimal downtime. The Project Manager also adheres to any time, cost constraints and ensures that our team does also.

Pet Relocations

  • At FELIX RELOCATIONS we ensure that your pets are relocated in the safest environment adopting the fastest method wherever you are in the world.
  • We deem your pet our top most priority taking into consideration all aspects of a door to door transit. We leave no stone unturned.

Mobility Services

  • The hassles of importing a private motor vehicle to Malaysia can be bothersome. From obtaining an Approval Permit to the costly duties imposed does not deem worthwhile.
  • At FELIX RELOCATIONS we provide a specially crafted service to assist you ease the process of the importation of a motor vehicle at an affordable price.


It is not an uncommon mistake for businesses to leave confidential documents exposed, between trash and other places, where press, competitors and other people can simply walk away with them. At Felix Relocations, our secure destruction service is a new solution to safely destruct classified documents, and to prevent industrial espionage. Not only a process that is entirely taken care by our team but it's easy, convenient, offsite service, and environmentally friendly.


The availability of a storage facility is essential in a move especially when an alternative location for your home or office has not been identified. Our state-of-the-art storage facility will cater to your shipment while in transition.

Why Felix Storage Facility?

  • Enables you to decorate your new property before you move all your belongings in.
  • A secure option for the storage of your valuable personal items.
  • Helps keep your property tidy while you try to sell it. If a delay is inevitable due to unforeseen circumstances.


Simply put, an artist creates art such as paintings, sculptures, video and film, sound works, drawings, printed works, installations and other forms.
The artworks may consist of framed pictures, elaborate room installations, or performance pieces to be exhibited, experienced and/or sold. The artworks may be ephemeral like smoke or vapour. Hence, special care and handling are often sought after, and we, at Felix Relocations are proud to be among an elite few, that can proudly say we have the experience, and the knowledge of these sometimes priceless arts. From packing, logistics, and storage, we have it all.

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